Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Promotion of Hygiene and Nutrition through Household Competitions in Kasese District

Violence against children has been on the rise in Kasese district as a result of poor hygiene, sanitation and nutrition. This was discovered during through a baseline study RWECO and its partners conducted at the commencement of its project of Community Led Mechanisms to Prevent Violence against Children in Kasese district.

Therefore, RIDE AFRICA organized household competitions in Kitswamba and Maliba sub-counties targeting 60 women in Hope for Uganda women group and Kakindo women group respectively. Emphasis was put on promotion of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition in relation to violence against children. The key parameters used during the competition were the clean kitchen, clean drinking water containers, two-step drying rack, rubbish pit, active kitchen gardens, wire for drying clothes, toilets and bathroom with privacy, tippy taps and soap at the toilet and the general cleanliness.

After two days of traversing the homes of members of Hope for Uganda and Kakindo Women’s Groups, six people emerged winners. These included; Birungi Eva, Kabugho Rose and Alice Bahondira from Kakindo village as well as Gladys Kitalibara, Christine Mugenyi and Georgina Katsumba from Kitswamba village.  The three overall winners in each of the groups were offered livestock prizes (3goats and 3 pigs), but they will thereafter give to other members when the animals have produced. The two groups were also given 10 watering cans in order to be able to water their kitchen gardens during the dry seasons.

Project Officer Ms. Asiimwe Pamella at one of the Participating Households in Maliba S/County

Sensitisation on VAC during the Pre-Meeting to the Household Competition

One of the winners of the households competition in Maliba

CDO awarding winners of the household competitions in Kitswamba Sub-County

CDO awarding winners of the household competitions in Kitswamba Sub-Count

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