Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Kasese District Leadership Endorse Plans to Eliminate Violence against Children

In Uganda, an estimated 25% of teenage girls are sexually abused, resulting in child motherhood and a high risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infections (Uganda National Household Survey 2012/13). In addition, 38% of children experience violence at home and 32% at school. The evidence shows that children and adolescents in Uganda continue to face sexual exploitation, early marriages, human trafficking, drug and substance abuse, involvement in social unrest, and engaging in criminal activities.
The local leaders play a key role in addressing these challenges in order to eliminate violence in homes, schools and communities.
It is against backdrop that RIDE AFRICA together with other RWECO partners organized a district convention for leaders of Kasese district. The meeting was held on 7th October 2016 at the Multi-Purpose Hall and targeted different stakeholders in the district.
RWECO briefed the participants on the work done in the communities and schools in the fight to prevent violence against children in Kasese district. Four of the project target schools also made presentations through songs, drama and poems calling on their leaders to contribute towards the prevention violence against children. In addition, testimonies were shared by the local CBOs and head teachers participating in the project on how they are addressing violence against children in schools, homes and community at large.
The Kasese District Chairperson vowed to join hands with other district officials, police and NGOs to prevent violence against children in the area. This was demonstrated by the endorsement by signing where the District Chairperson all district officials up to the lowest level signed the action plan that was generated during this convention for immediate implementation in order to address violence against children. 
District Convention at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Kasese

District Convention at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Kasese

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