Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Parents Pledge to End Violence against Children at the Career Day Celebrations of Kitswamba SDA Primary School

Kitswamba SDA Primary School is located within environs that experience high levels domestic violence as a result of drunkenness and drug abuse. This has increased the prevalence of violence against children in the local communities. There are also high levels of corporal punishments in schools, child labour and defilement as confirmed by the baseline study conducted at the commencement of this project.
RIDE AFRICA therefore supported Kitswamba SDA Primary School to hold a career day celebrations on 12th July 2016 that was attended by 360 (251 Females and 109 Males) participants including local leaders, teachers, parents and pupils. This celebration was meant to sensitize parents on the prevention of violence against children in schools, homes and the entire community so as to differentiate between the children’s rights and responsibilities.
The parents vowed to put into practice what they had learnt at the celebrations and also sensitize the neighbors in the community in order to eliminate violence against children in the area. The celebrations also emphasized issues like provision of food to the pupils at schools and scholastic materials like uniforms, books and pens was where the parents promised to provide them. The Child Rights Club of Kitswamba SDA Primary School presented drama plays, songs, skit and poems to edu-tain (education and entertainment) the parents and other people present. 

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