Thursday, 19 October 2017

Community dialogues leads to decrease in early marriages

Neighborhood assembly in Maliba S/C
During the community dialogues known as Neighborhood Assemblies in Maliba S/C on 15thAugust 2017, community people and local leaders discussed issues of early marriages and school drop outs in the area.  Parents accepted to take back the impregnated children to school after delivering instead of marrying them off yet they are not of age and the community development officers encouraged all the step parents who are discouraging the step children to respect the children’s rights towards education.” As a parent i would disagree with the education of a girl child but after knowing their right to education through the neighborhood assembly sensitization, I now agree and know that it’s my responsibility to pay school fee and give my child a bright future……..” says madam Biira Edrine from Kyanya village.