Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Local Leaders Commit to Address Violence against Children in Kasese

The baseline survey findings conducted by RWECO at the commencement of this project of community led mechanisms to prevent violence against children indicate that child abuse exists in Kasese district. This was confirmed by the children, caregivers and technocrats who participated in the study. Girls were reported to be the mostly violated gender and adolescents in age groups. Parents were rated high as the most abusers of their children, followed by the teachers, boda boda cyclists and fellow children at 50% among groups.
In response to these grim findings, RIDE AFRICA organized sub-county meetings in Maliba and Kitswamba sub-counties, Kasese District on 26th and 27th September 2016. These meetings included the participation of sub-county political and civic leaders who were given hints on their roles and responsibilities towards the prevention of violence against children in the local Communities.

The meetings attracted 50 participants including Local Council III Chairpersons, Sub-County Chiefs, Community Development Officers, Parish Chiefs, Religious Leaders and other opinion leaders. The meetings discussed the different strategies employed by the leaders to address violence against children, violations and abuses in the local communities.

The leaders were able to share the best practices on addressing violence against children and drew up an action plan that included use of neighborhood assemblies to provide knowledge on the prevention of VAC as leaders, implementation of the existing ordinance on violence against children and strict punishment of culprits and making follow-up by the leaders on the victims. RIDE AFRICA will monitor the implementation of this action plan to ensure that violence against children is eliminated in the area.
Kitswamba Sub-County LCIII Chairman Addressing Participants

Project Officer Ms. Asiimwe Pamella Addressing the Sub-county Meeting

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