Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Retooling of Children Rights Ambassadors to Prevent Violence against Children in Maliba and Kitswamba Sub Counties

Strengthening and retooling of 40 children rights ambassadors was key in the promotion of children's rights and responsibilities, strengthening of reporting systems of child abusers and prevention of violence against children in homes, schools and communities in Kitswamba and Maliba sub counties. This is done through offering counseling services to broken marriages, offering good parenting skills to families, working along with the local leaders like community development officers for referrals from the different villages and making follow-ups. This has strengthened the prevention of violence against children in both maliba and Kitswamba sub counties as seen through the month updates made.
CDO of Kitswamba Sub-County Addressing Child Rights Ambassadors

Training of Child Rights Ambassadors in Maliba Sub-County

Prepared by:

Asiimwe Pamela
Project Officer

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