Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Creation of Children Friendly Environment in Schools of Maliba and Kitswamba Sub Counties

Schools have a lot of gaps that lead to violence against children both directly and indirectly. RIDE AFRICA has addressed the gaps by promotion of sanitation and hygiene through the provision of soap, liquid soap, toilet brushes and gloves, motivation and promoting teachers and children relationships through provision of sports equipment like skipping ropes, netballs and foot balls and also promotion of school bi laws which are friendly to the children like providing fun and educative punishments. This has enabled to raise the number of attendance of the children in the four schools, promoted the children’s talents in schools hence prevention of violence against children in the four schools of Kitswamba and Maliba sub counties.

Senior Man and Woman Teachers Receiving Cleaning and Sports Materials at Nkaiga Primary School

Senior Woman Teacher at Kyanya Receiving Cleaning and Sports Materials

Prepared by:

Asiimwe Pamela
Project Officer

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