Friday, 24 June 2016

Seventh Day Adventist Leaders Pledge to End Violence Against Children

The Bishop of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Rwenzori Field Area has asked all leaders of the SDA faith to work towards ending violence against children in the area. This was at a colorful education conference on 23rd June 2016 that took place at the SDA headquarters in Kasese. The Bishop and 40 other field church leaders participated in the conference and were drawn from different districts of Bundibujyo, Kasese, Kabarole and Ntoroko. 

The leaders discussed the various issues covering the causes of violence in the religious context, forms of violence and the SDA church’s approach on the prevention of violence against children in homes, schools and communities. The field leaders from different districts shared their experiences on issues of domestic violence, poverty, ignorance about child rights and responsibilities (education & laws) and myth leading to violence and how they have handled these issues. 

Thereafter, the Bishop emphasized counseling, use of alternatives measures of punishing children, involvement of religious morals in the up bring of the child, use of the probation officer  to solve domestic challenges and encouraged a strong relationships between the parents and the children in order to prevent violence against children in different districts.

Prepared by:
Asiimwe Pamella
Project Officer
VAC Project
23rd June 2016

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