Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Bweramule is one of the Sub Counties that makes up Ntoroko it has a population of 1,122 people and most of them pastoralists with a few practicing crop agriculture and fishing. The Sub County has eight (08) crossing points from Congo to Uganda which the locals use for their businesses. It also has 04 parishes of Rukora, Bweramule, Kayanja and Haibale.
On 13th July 2016 the Council sitting presented an issue of how to rise local revenue for development and a motion was raised by Hon Namara Joselyne a youth counselor representing Bweramule parish that all animals (cows and goats) crossing from Congo to Uganda through the landing sites be taxed.
The motion was seconded by Tusiime Robina a female councilor representing Bugando parish. it was suggested that technical team designs a serialized receipts named’ Bweramule development fund with pre-printed costs for the kind of animal to be taxed and be managed by a different team from that of cross points. This will help in separating the collection of different funds but also reduce on corruption tendencies as people can’t charge over or below.
This was welcomed by the Chairperson LC III Hon Gamukama Willium who said that; animals which cross the SubCounty sometimes come with diseases which infect and or affect their animals making losses to the citizens, spoils their land, destroy social services and facilities in place and yet they are not charged for any damages.
The meeting was convened by the speaker Hon. Asaba Kyomya representing Rwamabale parish and the Chairperson Hon Gamukama Willium with all council members present and the community.
The photo below shows how in sometimes animals destroy the social services or and facilities in Bweramule Sub County.
A cow drinking from water facility meant for human beings at   Bweramule S/C head quarters  

Compiled by 
Margaret K. Kabasinguzi Mugabi
Programs Manager
Peaceful co-existence desk

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