Thursday, 5 May 2016

Teachers Sensitized on Violence against Children

On 12th April 2016, RIDE AFRICA conducted a sensitization meeting on violence against Children for teachers from four target schools of Kitswamba, Kyanya, Nkaiga and Ibuga. This aimed at building capacity of teachers in prevention of violence against children skills in line with their continuous capacity development.
The sensitization targeted all the teachers in each of the project schools and the discussions were based on the baseline survey report findings that were conducted by the project at its inception in November 2015.
Reference was also made to the National Guidelines on prevention of Violence against Children in Schools as well as the Children’s Act and Domestic Violence Act.
This also offered an opportunity to highlight the increasing acts of violence against children in schools, particularly bullying, administration of corporal punishment (caning), sexual abuse such as defilement and rape, use of and distribution of pornographic materials, sexual harassment, emotional violence, neglect and negligent treatment.
It was further noted that violence against children undermines the security and safety of children in schools, inflicts pain and fear among children in schools, reduces children’s retention and performance in schools, undermines their right to educations, right to protection and a right to development.
The schools resolved to utilize alternative disciplinary methods and do away with any form of violence against children.

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