Wednesday, 20 April 2016


RIDE AFRICA in partnership with RWECO is implementing a one year pilot project under the theme ‘community-led mechanisms to prevent violence against children and adolescents in Kasese District, Rwenzori Region’ with support from East African Children’s Fund.
On 20th January 2016, RIDE AFRICA organized a meeting for Parents-Teachers Associations and the School Management Committees on dangers of violence against children and adolescents in four primary schools, namely; Kyanya SDA, Ibuga, Kitswamba and Nkaiga. Community Development Officers, Sub-county Chiefs and other community members also participated.
The meeting provided information to the schools’ management about the prevalence of violence against children in their schools, communities and homes.
In addition, the meeting mobilized the schools’ management committees of the targeted schools to respond to cases of violence against children in their schools.
The participants thereafter drew an action plan on the next steps of addressing violence against children in their respective schools and communities.

One of the actions agreed upon was for schools to work with parents to provide lunch to their pupils. In addition, schools should open gardens from which food to the children will be obtained and parents may only provide additional or supplementary items.

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