Saturday, 24 May 2014

Vacancy Announcement for the Position of: LEARNING FACILITATOR

Ride Africa in partnership with Save the Children and Ntoroko District Local Government are implementing a 5-year program called Youth in Action (YiA).  The Project is in 06 selected Sub-counties of Ntoroko District. The program will help 1,770 young people, girls and boys, aged 12 – 18 to improve their skills and their livelihoods. Learning is an important part of the YiA program.

Save the Children and Partners are seeking to contract facilitators, both women and men, to lead a new kind of training program with youth aged 12 – 18. Each training cycle will last six months and will help 30 youth to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, build life skills, strengthen their financial literacy, learn how to start a business and develop viable plans for their future.

From the list below, indicate the Learning Centre /Sub-county of your preference in the Subject of your Application
Learning Centre
Number of Slots
Kanara ECD
Rwenyana Primary School
Kamuhigi Primary School
Rwebinyonyi Primary School

Roles and Responsibilities
The Learning Facilitator will:
-          Participate in regular training workshops for facilitators and become fully familiar with the training curriculum and approach
-          Be a role model for young people
-          Facilitate the learning sessions with groups of up to 30 youth – both boys and girls. The sessions are expected to run approximately 3 hours a day, 4 days a week for a period of 6 months.
-          Deliver the learning curriculum following the thematic approach and covering all skill sets
-          Allow young people time and space to learn, discover, build skills, knowledge and relationships and develop their own life and work plans
-          Seek opportunities to engage government representatives, other organizations, business people and finance institutions in the training with youth
-          Deliver the literacy components of the training curriculum ensuring that young people improve their ability and confidence to read and use numbers effectively
-          Organize special events including field trips, parent meetings and presentation sessions in coordination with Save the Children or Partner staff.
-          Ensure that youth assessments are completed on time and accurately in accordance with instructions from Save the Children or Partner staff
-          Maintain records and provide Save the Children or Partner staff with data as required
-          Always abide by Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding policy and procedures

·         Residence: Applicants should preferably be residents of the targeted Sub-counties or Parish (locally based)
·         Aged: 20 – 35 yearls
·         Language: Fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in at least one local language (of the area) in which the program is being implemented (Lhukonzo, Lubwisi and Rutooro)
·         Education level: Has at least completed secondary education or tried a high secondary school. A Certificate or training in teaching, social work, Livelihood, Entrepreneurship, agribusiness, value chain,  marketing etc, will be added advantage
·         Communications: Able to persuade, motivate; is articulate and fluent; a good listener
·         Experience: Of working with young people; of participating in a youth program or activity/association; of community based services
·         Qualities: Honest, a good role model, decent, listens, creative, innovative, no history of abuse, no history of criminal activity, active and fun; confident, respectful, patient
·         Interests: In working with youth and adolescents; working as part of a team, community mobilization, development

Hand-deliver & submit your Application, Curriculum Vitae & Photocopies of your transcripts to:
Ride Africa
Karugutu Field Office, 

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